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Welcome to the Triple "E" Pool League

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If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact:
Alex at 780-288-7665.


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Our most valued resource is our people. Our commitment is to become the league of choice. If you are interested in joining our team.....

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It is our 24th Season!  

The 2015-16 Season has now started.

Team & Player stats are now posted.

The 1st Monthly Tournament dates are listed below:

Register by 9:45am & start 10:00am

Monday Tournament: Dec 13th

Division #2 - Dec 13 @ Finnagan's

Division #3 - Dec 13 @ Highrun


Wednesday Tournament Dec 05 & 06

Division # 2 - Dec 06 @ Highrun

Division #3 - Dec 05 @ Finnagan's

Division #4 - Dec 05 @ Gateway Rec Centre

            The winners from the Monday Fall Classic Tournament were:

Division #2 : 1st Ė Highrun Rookies, 2nd- Finnaganís Fanatics, 3rd Ė Gateway RPMís, 4th- Highrun Crazy 8ís, 5th/6th- Timeout Time Bombs, 5/6th- Newcastle Bratz, 7/8th- Blind Duck Trollops, 7/8th- Finnaganís La Raza

Division #3 : 1st- Highrun Shooting Banks, 2nd- Sherbrook Slackers, 3rd- JTís Bankin & Spankin, 4th- Finnaganís Storm, 5/6th- Finnaganís Rail Riders, 5/6th- Timeout Breaking Bad, 7/8th- JTís 8-Ball Clueless, 7/8th- Mona Lisaís Swamp Rats

The winners from the Wednesday Fall Classic Tournament were:

Division #2 : 1st- Highrun Fantazsticks, 2nd- Highrun FA Cues, 3rd- Metro Dilligaf, 4th- Newcastle Scottifers, 5/6th- Metro Rat Pak, 5/6th- Big Horn Phantoms, 7/8th- Timeout Tigers, 7/8th- Sidelinerís Rattled Again, 9-12th- Finnaganís Hooks & Crooks, 9-12th- Metro Whipper Snappers, 9-12th- Metro Runners, 9-12th- Dusterís Shark Attack

Division #3 : 1st- B.P. (Fort Road) Stingers, 2nd- Finnaganís Shooters, 3rd- Highrun 8 Is Enough, 4th- Gallaghers Question Marks, 5/6th- Metro Mafia, 5/6th- Casselwood Pooligans, 7/8th- Chimmeyís Outsiders, 7/8th- Sherbrook Sandbaggers

Division #4 : 1st- Dusterís Ball Busters, 2nd- Sidelinerís Black Ball Down, 3rd- JTís Gus, Guys, & Gals, 4th- PM Pís & Ques, 5/6th- Endzone Defense, 5/6th- Metro Mad Dawgz, 7/8th- Finnagan's Pretenders


Please note Sherbrook Pub is the Lizard Lounge. They are just waiting for their signage, as they work through renovations.

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