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Welcome to the Triple "E" Pool League

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If you are a location, team, or player that needs more information, click the "Contact Us" button at the top of the page for directors info or please contact:
Alex at 780-288-7665.


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It is our 24th Season!  

2015-16 Season info listed below.

There has been changes to the Schedule:

Wednesday League Division #2- Team #0121 - Metro Runners are no longer in the league.

Monday League Division #3 - Team #0016 - P.M. Hustlers are no longer in the league. 

Make-up matches have been assigned and are located at the end of the schedule.

Contact the opposing captain and home location to make arrangements.  Also, notify the league administrator when you will be playing your make-up matches. Please have all make-up matches completed before March 23rd.

For make-up matches or re-scheduled matches teams should use the most current player averages when calculating team averages.

Team & Player stats are now posted. Tournament results are listed below.

The Upcoming Triple “E” Tournaments (Register by 9:45am & 10am start)

Feb. 27th - 28th, 2016 – Monday 3rd Monthly Tournament

Mon. Division #2 - Feb. 28 @ Finnagan's - register by 9:45, 10am start

Mon. Division #3 - Feb. 27 @ Highrun - register by 9:45, 10am start

Link's Monday to tournaments:

Div 2 -

Div 3 -


March 5th – 6th, 2016 – Wednesday 3rd Monthly Tournament

Wed. Division #2 - Mar. 06 @ Highrun - register by 9:45, 10am start

Wed. Division #3- Mar. 05  @ Finnagan's - register by 9:45, 10am start

Wed. Division #4 - Mar. 05 @ Gateway Rec Centre - register by 9:45, 10am start

Link's Wed. to tournaments:

Div 2 -

Div 3-

Div -

 If your team has outstanding dues you will not be allowed to play.  Teams must have a minimum of 3 players with 50% (6 nights) and 2 players with 25% (3 nights) of the games played (after divisionalization) to be eligible to play in the tournament.  Handicaps will be used during this tournament. Teams that won at the 1st & 2nd Monthly Tourney will carry additional handicaps per round according to their placing as follows:  Division #2 - 1st = 9, 2nd = 7, 3rd = 6, 4th – 5, 5/6th – 4,  Division #3 -  1st =  8, 2nd = 6, 3rd = 5, 4th – 4, 5/6th – 3,  Division #4 -  1st =  7, 2nd = 5, 3rd = 4, 4th – 3, 5/6th – 2.

 Captains should always check the match score at the end of each round, to ensure proper scores are recorded and alleviate any discrepancies before the final game.  The home team scoresheet is considered the master sheet for the match.

The winners from the Wednesday 2nd Monthly Tournament were:

Division #2 : 1st – Highrun FA Cues, 2nd- Metro Blues, 3rd – Finnagan’s Karjackers, 4th- Sideliners Rattled Again, 5th/6th- Finnagan’s Crusaders, 5/6th- Finnagan’s Hooks & Crooks

Division #3 : 1st- Casselwood Jokers, 2nd- Dusters Ball Busters, 3rd- Blue Quill Chalk is Cheap, 4th- Newcastle Canadians, 5/6th- Highrun 8 is Enough, 5/6th- J.T.’s 2-4’s

Division #4 : 1st- Finnagan's Pretenders, 2nd-Tumbleweeds Chalk is Cheap, 3rd- JT’s Gus, Guys, & Gals, 4th- Touchdown Twisted Tornados, 5/6th- Knights Mad Dawgs, 5/6th- PM P’s & Q’s

The winners from the Monday 2nd Monthly Tournament were:

Division #2 : 1st – Metro Aces, 2nd- Highrun Professors, 3rd – Metro Mega Awesome, 4th- Legends Rack & Roll, 5th/6th- Blind Duck Trollops,, 5/6th- Chimmey's Ball Bashers

Division #3 : 1st- JT’s Bankin & Spankin, 2nd- Mona Lisa's Swamp Rats, 3rd- Finnagan's Storm, 4th- JT’s 8-Ball Clueless, 5/6th- Finnagan’s Rail Riders, 5/6th- Metro Wranglers

Triple “E” Singles Tournament Results:

Division #2- 1st – Eden Yong, 2nd – Pat Harrison, 3rd – Cecil Cardinal, 4th – Frank Garceau, 5-6th – Raymond Floralde & Laura-Lea Thompson, 7-8th – Dwayne Corless & Allen Tegankamp, 9-12th – Barry Duncan, Lorry Strong, Ray MacDonald, & Gary Cowan, 13-16th – Mike Sirman, Mike Auigbelle, Josh Morin, & Shannon Lindholm, 17-24th - Rolando Alejandre, Preston White, Darrell Tymchyshyn, Orville Wanechko, Don Sinclair, Terry McConaghie, Mike Lyon, & Dwayne Dudiak

Division #3- 1st – Valentino Bourque, 2nd – Adam Weigel, 3rd – John Varga, 4th – Al Fij,5-6th – Julian Mike & Brett Beer,7-8th – Dave Newsham & Chris Ho,9-12th – Ray Bojold, Kent Nedula, Jeff Sanderson, & Ken Stecyk , 13-16th – Braden Larson, Jonathan Wood, Kien Duong, & Hughes LeBlanc

Division #4- 1st – Lyndon Anderson, 2nd – A.J. Elliott, 3rd – Eric Barrow, 4th – Darryl Holub, 5-6th – Gord Voghall & Candace Vanin

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